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2023 Overview about Macronutrients: Predictions and Insights with Rodrigo Martines and Juan Hinojosa

If you're in the business of human or animal nutrition, it's important to stay on top of the availability and prices of macronutrients like grains. In this episode of Talk About Feed on YouTube, Estefany Sierra hosts Rodrigo Martines and Juan Hinojosa of Stonex, a risk management and commodity pricing consulting firm, to discuss the panorama of macronutrients in 2023.

One of the key factors affecting the availability of grains is climate change. Martines and Hinojosa predict that the United States will experience a good grain harvest in 2023 due to the La Niña weather pattern in the second quarter, which will bring better temperatures and precipitation. This should incentivize American farmers to plant more grains, resulting in greater supply.

However, there are still risks to consider. The ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia could impact the supply of grains from Ukraine, which is the fourth-largest grain supplier in the world. On the other hand, Brazil is emerging as a major player in the grain market, with a predicted production of 125 million metric tons in 2023. This could help to offset any potential deficits caused by the situation in Ukraine.

Another factor to consider is the impact of climate change on grain production. Argentina has been hit by a severe drought caused by the La Niña weather pattern, which could impact its ability to supply grains. However, Martines and Hinojosa believe that the logistics and export infrastructure in the United States is improving, which should help to offset any potential deficits caused by the situation in Argentina.

Overall, Martines and Hinojosa are optimistic about the availability of macronutrients in 2023, but caution that there are still risks to consider. As always, it's important to stay informed about the market and be prepared to adjust your strategies as needed. 

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